L-glutamine is the most versatile and abundant amino acid in the body. It’s the energy source for both intestinal and immune cells. L-glutamine is what is known as a “conditionally”-essential amino acid. This means that your body can make it on its own BUT there is a catch. A healthy person, under situations of extreme stress, like intense physical exercises, or anyone who is sick with a viral or bacterial infection often can’t make enough glutamine. If that happens, you need to rely on glutamine from your diet to make up the difference. It is like simple supply and demand.

With glutamine, it is all about supply and demand

When glutamine starts being used up faster than we can make it, our immune system gets weakened. Glutamine is needed to help immune cells, in particular T-cells and macrophages, do their job. Our cells that are fighting hard to keep us healthy and heal don’t have enough fuel to function at their best.

Adding glutamine in the diet in times of stress can support these immune system cells, as well as preserve muscle mass and improve digestive health.

What can you do?

It is important for your health and immune system to consume food that contains glutamine at every meal, especially during times if increased stress. Food rich in glutamine includes chicken, fish, eggs, beans, spinach, and beets.

L-glutamine supplements

Glutamine powder supplements are also an easy addition to ensure you keep your glutamine at peak levels. 5g of pure glutamine each day in a smoothie, water or juice will do the trick!! Staterra L-glutamine is 100% pure with no fillers, flavours, colours or additives.


Looking for a glutamine supplement?

Staterra L-glutamine is 100% pure, no added fillers, flavours or colours.

Our L-glutamine is available as a single product or as part of our Immune Support Bundle.


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