Research Program

At Staterra Inc., our research areas are driven by our core beliefs in developing effective products that are good for the entire body while addressing the unique requirements of the individual or activity.

Project 1: Metabolic Requirements of Endurance Activity

The project is underway in collaboration with Carleton University.  We are currently analyzing the metabolic changes that occur during endurance sport, with the goal of developing an effective recovery product to prevent over training syndrome and therefore, enhance performance

Project 2: Mood Support Program

We believe that mental health is more than just in your head.  This program focuses on supporting mood wellness through supporting key areas of the body, in addition to the brain.  Based on the needs of the individual client, we tailor a formula to address issues with gut health, inflammation, hormonal health, and brain health.  Self reported data from our previous clients suggests improvement in mood, decrease in anxiety symptoms, and increased energy.

We are actively working to begin a double blind, placebo controlled randomized trial to prove the efficacy of our mood support program.

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