Quick Guide for a (Bandwagon) Redblacks Fan

The Ottawa Redblacks have a great following in this city as evidenced by the fact that they have played to home crowds over 100% of capacity this season1.

Even with all of the support that the team has received over its first 3 seasons, there will be a lot of fans that start to pay attention and get more excited about the team as the playoffs, and a chance at the Grey Cup, get closer.

So if you end up at a party with some knowledgeable CFL fans or if you just want to look like you know more than everyone else in a group of non-regular CFL watchers here is what you need to know.


  1. The team has played 4 overtime games this year. They won 1, lost 2 and tied 1. Brad Sinopoli has only ever played 1 OT game in his whole football career so 4 in 1 season is very rare. Now that you know there are ties in football you already know more about overtime than NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb. Donovan McNabb Surprised Games End in Ties.


  1. Another important piece of information is knowing what a rouge is. It has to do with kicking the ball through the end zone for any reason other than a field goal; you get 1 point when this happens. For more information on the ‘rouge’ check out this link more info about the rouge.


  1. Quarterbacks – The Redblacks have 2 very good Quarterbacks and have bounced back and forth between them this year due to injuries and poor play. Henry Burris, last years MOP (This is the MVP in most sports leagues but the CFL calls it MOP for Most Outstanding Player, not sure why but that’s the way it is) and Trevor Harris are the teams QB’s. Burris has won 2 Grey Cups, holds records for single game and single season pass completions and has won 2 MOP awards. He played 6 games for the Chicago Bears and spent part of a season playing for the Berlin Thunder. Harris bounced around the AFL, UFL and NFL for a couple of seasons before joining the Toronto Argonauts. Harris had a great year with the Argos in 2015 before joining the Redblacks. It looks like Burris will lead the team into the playoffs but if he falters they have a quality backup in Harris.


This should get you through some casual conversations about the Redblacks and CFL. If you are looking for more information check out CFL or CFLdb. Whether you follow them on a regular basis or not, I’m sure the team will be happy to have your support through the last game of the regular season happening tonight to the 104th Grey Cup in Toronto on November 27th .



  1. https://stats.cfldb.ca/team/ottawa-redblacks/2016/
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