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Advantages of the Staterra PreWorkout

• Optimized dosage to enhance blood flow and increase explosive power.
• Natural, lower glycemic carbohydrate for a sustained fuel and no crash.
• Caffeine for an energy boost + maca to support adrenal health.
• Antioxidant complex to reduce oxidative damage during your workout.
• B-vitamins to help you recover.
• Taurine to aid muscle contraction potential.

Who could benefit from the Staterra PREWORKOUT?

The Staterra PREWORKOUT was designed to help you take your workout to the next level.  The PREWORKOUT provides a burst of energy during a workout plus nutritive support to mitigate oxidative damage and aid recovery.  Anyone who is looking to increase the intensity or duration of their workout could benefit from the Staterra PREWORKOUT, however this product is designed to be particularly effective for workouts relying on the anaerobic systems.

Who should not take the Staterra PREWORKOUT?

This product contains caffeine, so should not be taken by anyone who cannot safely consume caffeine (the caffeine content is approximately equivalent to a medium coffee, 140mg).  This group includes, but is not limited to those who suffer from cardiac issues, high blood pressure, glaucoma or over active bladder.  In addition, if one is taking medications for mental health (antidepressants, lithium), blood thinners or suffers from kidney stones, consult a doctor prior to use.  If you are nursing or pregnant, consult a doctor prior to use.  Finally, do not use this product in conjunction with other natural health products, drugs or other products that could raise blood pressure.  These include but are not limited to bitter orange extract, synephrine, octopamine, ephedra and ephedrine.  Do not use this product along with other caffeine containing products.

What makes the Staterra PREWORKOUT different from other PREWORKOUT supplements?

Our product has been designed with the whole body in mind.  We include Maca powder to provide adrenal support as caffeine can be draining on the adrenals.  In addition, the dosing of our product has been designed to maximize effectiveness, while minimizing negative side effects.  This means you feel great during your workout, with no crash.

Finally, our product uses, natural flavours, natural sweeteners and contains no fillers.


Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 11.5 cm

24 Single Serving Packs, Bottle


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