What is the BCAA+HYDRATOR?

The Staterra BCAA+HYDRATOR is designed to be taken during your workout to provide energy to keep you going, electrolytes to keep you hydrated and BCAAs to aid in your performance and recovery.

Who could benefit from the BCAA+HYDRATOR?

The Staterra BCAA+HYDRATOR is designed to benefit those performing high intensity exercise (endurance, HIIT or resistance training).  This product is also a good if you are looking to lean out, are on a carbohydrate restricted diet or workout frequently with few rest days.  The amount of BCAAs in this product have been show to increase lean muscle mass, when combined with resistance training and a healthy diet.

Who should not take the BCAA+HYDRATOR?

Anyone who is on a protein or amino acid limited diet (ex. Liver or kidney disease) should speak to their doctor prior to use.  In addition, anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding should also speak to a healthcare practitioner prior to use. Finally, ensure to always drink enough water during a workout.

What makes the Staterra BCAA+HYDRATOR different from other BCAA supplements?

Our product has been designed with a balance of BCAAs and electrolytes to provide both hydration, as well as BCAA support.  In addition, we have also included the amino acid taurine, which is involved in muscle contraction and vitamin C to provide antioxidants.

Finally, our product uses the highest quality ingredients.  What does this mean? It means we use vegan sourced BCAAs, natural flavours and natural sweeteners.

Other Ingredients:

Coconut water powder (organic), Natural citrus flavour, Alpha Ketoglutaric acid, sunflower lecithin, Stevia.

How to take the Staterra BCAA+HYDRATOR:

The BCAA+HYDRATOR is designed to be taken DURING your workout. Adults: Take 1 scoop (8.4g), once daily (oral). Mix product well in 2 cups (16oz) of liquid (water, etc.) immediately before consumption.  If you find the taste too weak or too strong, adjust the amount of liquid accordingly.  Take a few hours before or after other medications.





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